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Weedlaser: A sensorbased solution for sustainable and robotised weed control.

What can it do?

- Recognizes crops and weed

- Decides on the weed control method

- Remembers the position of the weeds

The weed laser can do much more. Click on the project poster at the top of the page for more information.

The project offers a solution that combines the use of smart sensors, robots, drones and artificial intelligence to control weeds in a labor efficient way without the use of pesticides.


Project partner is company ICTCI, consisting of the following project partners:

- Gert Maneschijn - Maneschijn ICT

- Rene Bultje - ICTCI

- Ben van der Veen - Disruptive Solutions

- Jac Kersing - The-Box-Development

- Alfred Velthuis - Velthuis ICT

- Leks Bolderdijk - Bolderdijk Dronediensten (ABdrone)


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